About the Department of Music and Fine Arts

METU Department of Music and Fine Arts was founded in 1989 in order to serve elective music and art courses.  Educational infrastructure and staff pattern of the Department was formed by Prof. Engin Sansa, who was the band chief of cellists in the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. The first curriculum of the Department was prepared by him and offered to the university in the academic year of 1989-1990. The curriculum which is composed of non-credit courses, such as Classical Turkish Music Chorus, University Chorus, Voice, Theatre, Painting, Film and TV, Sculpture, Ceramic, Piano, Flute, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Classical Guitar, and credit courses such as History of Music, History of Theatre, History of Film and TV. In later years, this curriculum was improved by Prof. Engin Sansa. All the non-credit courses were made into credit courses in due time and with the addition of new courses, number of the courses offered by the department ascended to 32, in parallel to this growth, number of the staff reached to 43, five of which are full time.



Prof. Engin SANSA

Chairperson of Department, 1989 – 2000

Prof. Dr. Tansel TÜRKDOĞAN

Chairperson of Department, 2000 – 2005


Chairperson of Department , 2005 – 2011

Assist. Prof. Dr. Lale ÖZGENEL

Chairperson of Department , 2011 - 2016

Prof. Dr. Bahar GEDİKLİ

Chairperson of Department , 2016 - 2019


Academic Staff

Assist. Prof. Dr. Bahar ÖZ

Chairperson of Department- Psychologist

Tayfun SANSA

Assistant Chairman of Department- Cellist

Asisst. Prof. Dr. Ödül IŞITMAN

Director of Fine Arts- Ceramic Artist

Berrak ERDAL

Research Assistant- Architect

Administrative Staff




Administrative Personnel




Educational Mission

Department of Music and Fine Arts aims every student of METU to be a conscious art-lover. On the purpose of this aim, in each term, several art and music events are organized such as Monthly Concert, Monthly Exhibition, New Year Concert, and End of Term-Events, with the participation of students who have taken the courses during the term. METU Art Festival, which has been organized for 13 years continuously and became an important arts event for Ankara, and events with the collaborations of several art foundations out of the university, have been organized by the Department of Music and Fine Arts. All these organizations are rich-content music and arts projects, available to the participation of students.