Searching For Ali Şentürk / Ali Şentürk

“I wanted to chase a character of a novel in my first personal exhibition composed of seven photographs. Suggested by a friend, a novel I read (Araf by Elif Şafak) led me for this exhibition. The character named Ömer goes abroad and starts to live there. After a while, he realizes that people calls him Omar. And the story for searching Ömer’s missing dots starts right here. Searching For Ali Şentürk is not different Ömer’s search for his missing dots. I could not help myself searching and facing other Ali Şentürks who lived and died in Ankara, where I was born and live. This project, which took one year and proceeded gradually, is an attempt to find who the real Ali Şentürk is and the real owner of the name.”


Ali Şentürk


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