MONTHLY EXHIBITON: "Placeholder" Mert Acar

Stuck between the city and nature, transitional landscapes not only create a hybrid visuality, but also constitute a landscape pertinent to memory and culture.
The exhibition Placeholder presents us with different locations and traces that point to man’s alteration to Earth, through Mert’s photography. The photographs allow us to view the artist’s journey; meanwhile, dividing into layers the transformation of the landscape. They reveal the points of convergence and separation between the roads. The artist records, through photography, the means of mankind’s invasion of Earth, and recaptures these hybridized spaces. The exhibition questions a story that transforms and redefines landscapes; in short, a story of humanhood, through the spaces that we inhabit and the way we hold them.

Mert Acar, completed his undergraduate studies in 2012 in the Faculty of Fine Arts' Department of Graphic Design at Hacettepe University. In 2014, he was assigned to the Department of Visual Arts in the Faculty of Art and Design at the Gazi University as a Research Assistant and he started his graduate studies at the Department of Painting under the Institute of Fine Arts at the same university. He continues his photography focused work in Ankara.