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EXHIBITION: Dairy of a Pandemic

LİNK: hub.link/z6uo6iu.

Current pandemic case inspired Diary of a Pandemic as an opportunity for the exhibition of photography online – without comprising the social dimension of creating connections to the audience. Mozilla Hubs as a social virtual reality space was chosen as an experimental platform to experience these exciting and new works together.

The virtual exhibition space remains open for a duration of two weeks after the opening and can be visited during this time period by up to 35 persons simultaneously.

I would like to invite you to a virtual reception of the exhibition Diary of a Pandemic: A Virtual Exhibition with new photo works, moving images and dummy books from students in my course Basic and Advanced Digital Photography (METU, Department of Music and Fine Arts). The exhibition will be open from 13/06 to 26/06/2020 from the link: hub.link/z6uo6iu.